Welcome to the Tangle Lions

A collection of 5,555 Tangle Lions NFT art pieces on the IOTA distributed ledger.

Pre-Sale Genesis 500

The Pre-Sale starts on 03..05 on Soonaverse at 19:00 CET. You need the Whitelist badge to be able to buy a Tangle Lion. Click on the button bellow to get to our Soonaverse site and participate for the Whitelist badge.


A total of 5,555 Tangle Lions will be minted. With 55 minted for promotional distribution and airdrops, 500 available in the presale and the remaining 5000 for public sale at certain intervals (each interval 500).


What the muliplikator is all about will be revealed soon. But we can already say that the special thing about the genesis pre-sale is that the tangle lions will have a multiplier between 2 and 2,75 the ones from the upcoming sales will have a multiplier between 1,75 and 2,5. The ultra rares have a multiplier of 3 in the whole collection there will be only 15 of them.


After every interval and the Pre-Sale they will be airdroped one unique tangle lion to one lucky buyer.


Website and Community Launch

Giveaways to community

Everyday unitl the Pre-Sale, starts a new Giveaway at 9 p.m CET on Twitter. Winners will be posted on next days giveaway.

Pre-Sale Genesis 500

- 05.05 on Soonaverse at 00:00 CET

- Only for whitelist badge owners.

- 25 Mi minting price

Multiplier Reveal

Open-Sale No.1

- 21.05 on Soonaverse at 00:00 CET

- 35 Mi minting price

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