The Tangle Lions TCG

The Game

-> The first mode is to learn the game and get in touch with the different cards to build your perfect strategy. In this mode every card will be unlocked.

-> The second mode is the ranking mode. Here the players compete against each other to reach the highest place in the ranking. There will be different leagues in which you can only use certain cards.

The Treasury

-> 5% of the sale price of each NFT

-> 80% of all boosters or cards sold

what are the benefits of the Tangle Lion NFTs ?

-> Each Tangle Lion has an assigned multiplier that will multiply the ranking points obtained by a victory

-> Possible multipliers:

- Pre-Sale Genesis 500: Between 2 and 2.75 (+100% - +175%)

- All other sales: Between 1.5 and 2.25 (+50% - +125%)

- The Ultra Rares: 3 (+200%) only 15 in whole Collection

The Cards

-> Everey card has a rarity and a fixed number of times the same card will be available

-> Bronze Unlimited (Common)

-> Silver 10000 (Rare)

-> Ruby 5555 (Super Rare)

-> Rainbow 1000 (Ultra Rare)

-> Each card has an assigned element. And therefore every card has both a strength and a weakness against certain elements.

-> The buyers of our Tangle lions nfts will get Cards as a gift(except giveaway winners). If you are one of the buyers click on the button below and participate in the award on our soonaverse site

-> The Card airdrops are always announced in advance on our Twitter page, so you can follow us there to make sure you don't miss anything.

How to get your free Cards

-> Go to the Soonaverse site and navigate to the marketplace.

-> Click on NFTs

-> now you can search for your card with the search bar. If you´re searching for "Lions Secret Skills School #1" search for "Lions Secret Skills School #1 ''. Don't forget to enter the space at the end.

-> If you own for example "Tangle Lion #300'' and ''Tangle Lion #500" you will be able to buy "Lions Secret Skills School #300" and "Lions Secret Skills School #500". The 1 Mi minting price will be sent back to everyone.

! This page will be updated occasionally !

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